Leadership Empowerment


Leadership Empowerment Provides Training And Counsel Across Advanced Strategic Planning And Corporate Marketing Governance To Help Business Leaders Excel.

Work with Leadership Empowerment to:

Create meaningful mission and vision statements, corporate purpose and values for improved employee and stakeholder engagement. Achieve success with disruptive innovation, different perspectives and new ideas to generate growth and solve problems. Access leader-inspiring “prac-ademic” knowledge that combines practical commercial know-how with academic findings. As a result, you will deliver gob-smacking, jaw on the floor results. Contact us for a free consultation today.

The Benefits Of Leadership Empowerment

The service you get revolves around comprehensive consultation. This helps you to identify gaps and uncover opportunities.

Capitalise on Leadership Empowerment’s:

  • Suite of IP (Intellectual Property) that can’t be found elsewhere.
  • Elite-level knowledge of PIMS (the Profit Impact of Market Strategies database).
  • Insider understanding of national corporation and global consultancy best-practices.
  • Fully personalised approach to training and counsel.
  • Focus on obliterating your individual and unique business and culture problems.

Our Mission

To help people on Boards, CEOs and business leaders make better decisions.
We’re on a mission to make your business look like an overnight success story.


To Empower Leaders

To help people on Boards, CEOs and business leaders make better decisions.


The Pursuit Of Excellence

Intent / Identity:
A consultancy that only offers leadership from executives who have achieved outstanding outcomes themselves.


A World Where Businesses Make The Right Decisions.

Objectivity, Professionalism, Honesty, Integrity, Trustworthiness, Empathy, Sincerity.

Leader Benefits

Leadership Empowerment provides world-leading expertise in business management from the most skilled and experienced team of business consultants.

Inspire Your Team

Relish the assistance you get as you develop motivating Mission, Vision, Values, Purpose, Identity and Ethos statements.

These will be designed to align and engage employees, trading partners, shareholders and all other stakeholders, and to drive excellence in corporate governance and strategy development.

Create Objectives And Strategies

Experience collaborative, empathetic, insightful contribution to:

  • Building corporate objectives.
  • Setting corporate strategies.
  • Delivering clear, concise, and consistent direction to your people.

Your team will respond with a killer culture, brilliant initiative and higher levels of productivity and dedication than you might even imagine.

Make Strong Decisions

Head in the right direction when it comes to branding, brand equity, and brand development based on the empirical science marketing management and strategy.

Along the way, you will also master product portfolio decision-making, new product development, new product launch, and new market development governance.

Access Game-changing Marketing Tactics

All too often, organisations have impeccable operational marketing talent, who fall down when it comes to strategic marketing knowledge.

This can be fixed with training that is focused on real commercial advantage and practicality.

Improve your marketing skills and empower existing and future leaders in your organisation.

Not Just Knowledge.

As globally acknowledged leadership consultants, you can rely on the best advice for total transformation of brands and businesses.